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Belden VPNSxxxx Series Video Patch Panel engineers to exceed SMPTE 292M specifications for high definition video transmission and connectivity. 
The normal-thru contact interface design of the jack consists of a self-aligning normal-thru U-slot, two redundant points of contact, an independent applied normal force at each contact point, and a mechanical wipe region at each contact interface location. These design attributes provide reliable and repeatable patching/ un-patching, resulting in low-level contact resistance stability.

PN Description  Numbers  Color Technical Data
VPNS1032 Video Patch Panel, 32-port, 1U, Black (Jack Mounted) 1 BLACK Download
VPNS1028 Video Patch Panel, 28-port, 1U, Black (Jack Mounted)
VPNS1024 Video Patch Panel, 24-port, 1U, Black (Jack Mounted)
VPNS1532 Video Patch Panel, 32-port, 1.5U, Black (Jack Mounted)
VPNS1528 Video Patch Panel, 28-port, 1.5U, Black (Jack Mounted)
VPNS1524 Video Patch Panel, 24-port, 1.5U, Black (Jack Mounted)

■ Mini WECO format terminated
■ High-reliability normal-thru contact design
■ Self wiping normal thru contact
■ Streamlined design for repeatable manufacturability



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