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Precision Video Coax Cable

In 1995, Belden first launched award-winning digital precision video coax, 1694A. Over a decade later we have a much more extensive line, but to this day 1694A remains the world-wide industry standard for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 1080p/60 (3G) applications. Many of Belden's digital precision video coax cables are also sweep-tested to 4.5GHz for HD/3G production or swept to even higher bandwidths for 4K transmission. No other cable manufacturer has invested in this technology like Belden has, so no other manufacturer can assure you beyond-high-definition performance like Belden.

Individual Jacket Cables

Rating Series Type Part Number Tech Data
12.0 GHz Type 7 Riser 4794R Download
6.0 GHz Mini RG-59 Riser 1855A Download
RG-59 Riser 1505A Download
RG-6 Riser 1694A Download
Type 7 Riser 1794A Download
RG-11 Riser 7731A Download
4.5 GHz Ultra-miniature Riser 179DT Download
Mini RG-59 Plenum 1855P Download
RG-59 Plenum 1506A Download
Flexible 1505F Download
RG-6 Plenum 1695A Download
Flexible 1694F Download
Waterblock 1694WB Download
RG-11 Plenum 7732A Download
Waterblock 7731WB Download

Video Snake

Base Coax Snake Type # of Base Coax Part Number Tech Data
1855A Overall Jacketed 3 7787A Download
4 7788A Download
5 7789A Download
6 7790A Download
10 7791A Download
12 7792A Download
16 2178A Download
Banana Peel 3 1855S3 Download
5 1855S5 Download
6 1855S6 Download
1505A Overall Jacketed 3 7794A Download
4 7795A Download
5 7796A Download
10 7798A Download
Banana Peel 3 1505S3 Download
5 1505S5 Download
6 1505S6 Download
1694A Overall Jacketed 2 1694D Download
3 7710A Download
4 7711A Download
5 7712A Download
10 7713A Download
Banana Peel 3 1694S3 Download
5 1694S5 Download
6 1694S6 Download
1695A Banana Peel 3 1695S3 Download
5 1695S5 Download
6 1695S6 Download
1794A Overall Jacketed 5 2177A Download

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  • Specially formulated gas injected high density foam polyethylene is more crush-resistant than standard polyethylene. Even with rough handling during installation, it resists deformation and maintains impedance and return loss characteristics.
  • Belden's skin/foam insulation process provides the right amount of conductor adhesion for easier stripping and improved connector reliability.
  • Compared to SMPTE's return loss limit, Belden's Precision Video Coax provides significant RL headroom to account for potential losses elsewhere in the transmission line.


  • SMPTE ST 259, ST 292, ST 424, ST 425, ST 2081-1,ST 2082-1
  • AES3-4-2009 Annex D