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Belden offers a large variety of products for line level audio including analog or digital cables, such as Belden 9451 or 1800B. For recording studios, radio and television stations, sound system installations, or any multi-channel audio application, Belden also offers audio snake cables up to 32 pair. Audio snakes are available in riser and plenum versions for permanent install, ultra-flexible for temporary installations, or waterblocked versions. With a variety of options, our offering will satisfy the needs of every designer and system integrator.

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Nurse Call & Paging Foil CM, CMR and CMP View Now
Analog Audio Foil CM, CMR and CMP View Now
Digital Audio Foil CM, CMR and CMP View Now
  • With Belden's patented Banana Peel plenum audio snakes, individually shielded and jacketed pairs can be split apart at any length and connectorized directly without the need for heat shrink tubing or cost and time-consuming preparation
  • Feature a shorting fold technique to maintain metal-to-metal contact for improved high-frequency performance
  • Foil shields bonded to the jacket provide easy stripping and faster installation


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