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HD Coaxial Cable

Belden's commercial grade video coax cable offers superior image quality with low return loss. These cables are suitable for a multitude of HD and video display applications. All cables have a tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage) and bonded Duofoil shield (100% coverage) for effective shielding in high frequency applications. The cables also boast the Belden high-density foaming technology which ensures reliable signal integrity and better video images for overall stable performance. The design features make using one piece compression connectors easier and faster.

Series Type Part Number Tech Data
Miniature RG-59 Riser 1371R Download
Plenum 1371P Download
RG-59 Riser 1370R Download
Plenum 1370P Download
RG-6 Riser 1369R Download
Plenum 1369P Download

*Click here to view our 4.5+ GHz rated cable

  • Sweep tested to 3GHz and guarantee -15dB Return Loss
  • Features a foil shield that is securely bonded to the core, making stripping and termination easier and eliminating the risk of foil stringers and shorting
  • New design uses high velocity dielectrics so plenum and non-plenum versions are close in size, allowing selection of a single type of compression connector for both


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