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CATV Cable

Belden carries a comprehensive portfolio of broadband drop cables suitable to meet your broadband CATV application needs. Available options include indoor (CM, CMR, CMP), messengered and burial versions. Burial cables are constructed with flooding grease on the outer shield to provide maximum moisture protection. Engineered to meet or exceed ANSI/SCTE 74 industry standard requirements, these constructions are provided with standard foil/braid, tri or quad shielding to provide the level of RF leakage and interference protection required for your installation.

View our CATV Cable Tech Data

Series Shielding Rating Part Number Tech Data
RG-59 Duofoil + 96% TC Braid Plenum 89108 Download
82108 Download
Duobond II + 67% Al Braid General 9104 Download
Messenger 9105M Download
Plenum 9104P Download
Duobond III + 67% Al Braid General 9110 Download
Duofoil + 54% and 47% TC Braid Plenum 1151A Download
Duobond IV + 67% and 46% Al Braid General 1186A Download
RG-6 Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General 9116 Download
1829A Download
Riser 9116R Download
1829R Download
Plenum 9116P Download
1829P Download
Burial 9066 Download
1829B Download
Messenger 9117M Download
1839A Download
Parallel 9077 Download
1841A Download
Duobond II + 90% Al Braid General 1530AP Download
Plenum 1530P Download
Burial 1532A Download
Messenger 1531AM Download
Duobond III + 60% Al Braid General 9118 Download
Burial 1837A Download
Messenger 9119M Download
Duobond III + 77% Al Braid General 1613A Download
1613B Download
Burial 1614A Download
1614B Download
Messenger 1615AM Download
1615BM Download
Duobond IV 60% and 40% Al Braid General 1189A Download
7916A Download
Riser 1322R Download
Plenum 1189AP Download
Burial 1190A Download
Messenger 1191AM Download
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General 9058 Download
Burial 9062 Download
Messenger 9059M Download
Duobond Plus 77% and 80% Al Braid General 7915A Download
Duofoil + 95% TC Braid Plenum 89120 Download
82120 Download
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braid Plenum 1152A Download
RG-11 Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General 1523A Download
Riser 1523R Download
Plenum 1523AP Download
Burial 1525A Download
Messenger 1524AM Download
Duobond III + 77% Al Braid Burial 7984A Download
7984B Download
Messenger 7983A Download
7983BM Download
Duobond IV 60% and 40% TC Braids General 1617A Download
Burial 1618A Download
Messenger 1619AM Download
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General 9064 Download
Burial 9764 Download
Messenger 9065M Download
Duofoil + 40% Al Braid General 9011 Download
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braids Plenum 1153A Download


  • All cables rated to 1 GHz
  • Crush resistant dielectric material
  • Corrosion resistant center conductor


  • Shield options: dual shield (60% braid), tri-shield (77%), or quad shield (60%/40%)
  • Indoor (CM, CMR, CMP), messengered and burial versions
  • Meets or exceeds applicable ANSI/SCTE standards for drop coaxial cable


  • Coming Soon


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