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Theatrical lighting has moved from fixed lights, or direct operator control, to electronic control systems. In the last couple of decades, control systems have been transitioning from DMX-512 (an RS-485 based control) to Ethernet. Besides control for lighting fixtures, also required is power delivery to actually power the light-producing parts. Legacy high-voltage incandescent lamps are being replaced by fluorescent and LED fixtures, using lower voltages, generating less heat and wattage. Belden offers cabling solutions for DMX-512, Ethernet, and power cordage to meet power and lighting needs.

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Series Type Rating Part Number Tech Data
DMX-512 One Pair Non-Plenum 9841 Download
Plenum 8241 Download
89841 Download
Flexible 7200A Download
Two Pair Non-Plenum 9842 Download
Flexible 7201A Download
Data Cables Two Pair Non-Plenum 9729 Download
Plenum 82729 Download
89729 Download
Data + Power Non-Plenum 1502R Download
Plenum 1502P Download
LSZH 1502SB Download
Digital Audio One Pair Non-Plenum 1800B Download
1353A Download
Plenum 1801B Download
Flexible 1800F Download
2221 Download
600V Power Cables Flexible Non-Plenum 19109 Download
19108 Download
19107 Download
19106 Download
19105 Download
Permanent Install Non-Plenum 27139A Download
27150A Download
Category 5e Two Pair Non-Plenum 1588A Download
1588R Download
Plenum 1590A Download
Four Pair UTP Non-Plenum 1212 Download
Plenum 1213 Download
Flexible 1304A Download
1305A Download
Four Pair F/UTP Non-Plenum 1212F Download
Plenum 1213F Download
Sixteen Pair UTP Flexible 1304A4 Download
Category 6 Media Twist Non-Plenum 1872A Download
Plenum 1874A Download
UTP Non-Plenum 2412 Download
Plenum 2413 Download
F/UTP Non-Plenum 2412F Download
Plenum 2413F Download
Category 6A UTP Non-Plenum 10GXS12 Download
10GXS32 Download
Plenum 10GXS13 Download
10GXS33 Download
F/UTP Non-Plenum 10GX52F Download
10GX62F Download
Plenum 10GX53F Download
10GX63F Download

  • Belden offers more than 25 variations for DMX / RS-485 applications
  • Many of Belden's lighting cables are designed for industrial standards, and their rugged and resistant cable options are suitable for many indoor and outdoor lighting challenges


  • USITT and ESTA: AMX192
  • RP-1
  • S3-1997
  • ANSI E1.11-2004 - USITT DMX512
  • ANSI E1.16-2002
  • ANSI E1.24-2006
  • ANSI E1.17-2006
  • ANSI E1.11-2004
  • ANSI E1.20-2006
  • ANSI E1.27-1-2006


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