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HD-BNC Connectors

Designed specifically for Belden Brilliance coaxial cables, HD Brilliance Connectors maximize broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability. All Belden HD Brilliance connectors exceed SMPTE return loss standards, providing excellent headroom and true 75 ohm performance for when broadcasters need to push the limits. Durability is excellent, with brass construction and patented compression rings ensuring pullout forces exceeding 100 lbs, depending on the cable. Experts can choose from three Belden HD Brilliance connector platforms to find the right solution for their broadcast needs.

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Cable Color Coding Type Part Number Tech Data
179DT Yellow Locking 1-pc Compression 179DTBHDL



1-pc Compression 179DTBHD1
3-pc Crimp 179DTBHD3
1855A Violet Locking 1-pc Compression 1855ABHDL
1-pc Compression 1855ABHD1
3-pc Crimp 1855ABHD3
1505A Red Locking 1-pc Compression 1505ABHDL
1-pc Compression 1505ABHD1
3-pc Crimp 1505ABHD3
1506A Red Locking 1-pc Compression 1506ABHDL
1-pc Compression 1506ABHD1
1694A Green Locking 1-pc Compression 1694ABHDL
1-pc Compression 1694ABHD1
3-pc Crimp 1694ABHD3
1695A Green Locking 1-pc Compression 1695ABHDL
1-pc Compression 1695ABHD1
1694WB Green Watertight Compression 1694ABHDLW
1794A White 1-pc Compression 1794ABHD1

  • Superior return loss through 4.5GHz providing headroom to account for potential losses elsewhere in the transmission line.
  • Slicing center pin provides non-blind entry and assurance that the center conductor is properly seated in the connector.
  • Patented extended head knurl nut design for easier gripping.
  • Color bands allow for easier connector size identification.
  • Locking BNC features a screw-lock collar to physically "lock" the bayonet nut of the BNC in position, maintaining coaxial alignment from cable to connector for unparalleled RL performance.