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Keystone AV Insets

Belden offers a variety of multimedia modules with KeyConnect and MDVO-style footprint to handle multimedia applications used in enterprise cabling. These modules are available with high quality couplers such as 3.5mm audio jack, RCA, Coax, S-Video, HDMI and USB to configure multimedia outlets in classrooms and conference rooms.

Type Component Tech Data Sheet
3.5mm Audio Coupler, F/F, Gold AX105334-XX Download
3.5mm Audio Coupler, F/Solder, Gold AX105335-XX Download
S Video Couper, F/F AX105336-XX Download
RCA Gold Plated Coupler, F/F, Red AX105337-XX Download
RCA Gold Plated Coupler, F/F, White AX105338-XX Download
RCA Gold Plated Coupler, F/F, Yellow AX105339-XX Download
RCA Gold Plated Coupler, F/F, Green AX105340-XX Download
RCA Gold Plated Coupler, F/F, Blue AX105341-XX Download
USB 3.0 Coupler, A to A AX105342-XX Download
USB 2.0 Coupler, B to B AX105344-XX Download
HDMI Coupler (Version 1.4) AX105345-XX Download
Video F Coax 3GHz, Recessed, Gold Plated AX105346-XX Download
Video F Coax, Recessed AX102903 Download
Video F Coax, Flush AX102906 Download
Video BNC Coax, Flush AX104576 Download


  • Provide long term reliable connection for multimedia applications
  • Guaranteed signal integrity for all connections
  • Provides multiple mounting options in outlets and patch panel configurations


  • Manufatured with high quality materials
  • Meet and exceed industry standards
  • Available in KeyConnect and MDVO-style footprints


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Installation Guides

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