Broadcast & AV - Intelligent Buildings - Automation and Lighting

Belden offers standard cables and custom combinations designed for use in a wide range of AV and control applications, such as Lutron, Crestron, and AMX. With the ability to help reduce energy consumption and cost, automation and lighting controls are increasingly important in commercial buildings.

These specialized products are optimized for all aspects of building management, including the monitoring of advanced control systems, and the management of AV, environmental, lighting, shade, and climate control systems. More sophisticated and complex systems are often integrated with HVAC and/or security systems as well. When used in conjunction with a touch panel control, these cables facilitate the user’s comfort, safety, security, convenience and personal entertainment.

Our media automation and lighting portfolio includes products for: control systems, touch panels, relay, multiple media runs, and audio/video distribution.

AMX ® Systems

Lutron ® Systems

DMX ® Systems

Crestron ® Cresnet™ Systems

Crestron Digital Media (DM) 8G™ Systems

CresFiber 8G™ Systems or HDMI over Fiber

Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please contact Belden.

Product Features

General, Riser, or Plenum Rated
Belden's cables work seamlessly with AMX, Lutron, DMX, and Crestron systems.
Most constructions and jacket colors are designed to match system installation manuals for easier installation