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Thermostat Fan Controller 

 Part #9318-0200
  • Low cost mechanical controller with Internal Bi-Metal sensing element.
  • Position controller inside cabinet where temperature is to be monitored.
  • Universal mounting bracket allows mounting to EIA rails or enclosure frame.
  • Temp range from –10°F to 100°F.
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Horizontal/Vertical Remote Monitor
9318-0500 Climate Control Monitor
9318-0550 Horizontal/Vertical Remote Monitor
9321-0100 PDU w/Remote Power Monitoring
9321-0200 PDU w/Remote Power Monitoring

Electronic Fan Controller

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Fan Controller

Fan Controllers are not for use in areas of significant moisture, dirt or dust, or in a corrosive atmosphere. 120VAC, 10 AMP Combined Fan Load.
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Remote Temperature Sensor w/12 ft. wire
9318-0502 Remote Temperature/Air Flow Sensor w/12 ft. wire
9318-0503 Remote Temperature/Air Flow/Humidity Sensor w/12 ft. wire
9318-0504 Remote Door Position Sensor
9318-0505 Remote Water Detection Sensor
9318-0506 Remote Display
9318-0507 Smoke Alarm Kit
9318-0508 Console Software
9318-0509 DLinks Web Camera
9318-0510 RJ12 16-Way Spitter for 9318-0500 - 1U rack mount
9318-0511 RJ12 16-Way Splitter for 9318-0500
9318-0512 Temperature display with thermocouple. Rack Mount 1 RU, blanking panel type
9318-0513 Temperature display with thermocouple. 1.72" H x 3.8"W x 1.1"D unit