Data Center - Cabinets & Racks - XS Series Server Enclosures

Supports high load capacities and proper air flow management


  • Welded 14-gauge frame and 11-gauge mounting rails hold a static load of 3,000 lbs. and can host a full rack of blade servers (2,250 lbs. load capacity when on casters)
  • Rail seal and adaptive containment system eliminate hot spots, and provide energy efficiency, monitoring and alarming

Ease of Installation

  • Modular design with option on doors, side panels, air flow management, cable management and PDU monitoring, offering ease of installation plus scalability
  • Highly integrated enclosure systems with capability to ship fully assembled, including power, air flow, connectivity and cable management
  • Optimal physical density and networking bandwidth for ease of moves, adds and changes

XS Series Enclosure Specification

  • Perforated Door Meshing Opening: 78%
  • Frame Construction: Welded 14 gauge
  • Mounting Rails Construction: 11 gauge, marked RU, RU 1 is at bottom of enclosure
  • Static Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
  • Capacity on Casters: 1,080 lbs. with regular capacity casters, 2,250 lbs. with high capacity casters
  • EIA 310 Compliant: 19" mounting
  • Engineered and made in the USA

Cable and Air-Flow Management

  • Open frame design, without a center rail support strut, maximizes usable inner space to ease cable routing and supports Zero U connectivity in both 24" and 30" wide designs, allowing optimal use of the entire rack space
  • Design provides for low-resistance airflow through doors featuring 989 square inches
  • Use of front rail seals allows for physical separation between the supply and return air, thereby limiting recirculation of hot air within the enclosure for optimized hot/cold aisle deployment
  • 42" and 48" deep versions give flexibility for hosting deep equipment chassis, while providing rear space for power and cable management. Available in 42, 45 and 48RU to meet a variety of hosting requirements

Power Distribution

  • Complete line up of power distribution units (PDUs), featuring IP based power monitoring, alarming and receptacle level switching, results in professional power integration and quick enclosure deployment
  • When combined with Belden’s state-of-the-art passive and adaptive (AEHC) chimney-based containment systems, the X Series allows for deployment of up to 30 kW per enclosure, enabling efficient hosting of high-capacity blade servers


  • Belden X Series enclosures are designed and manufactured in the USA and can be fully customized to meet your specific hosting challenges (size, color, air flow, cable management, etc.) for compromise-free solutions
  • Data Centers are trending towards lighter color enclosures that enable better inside visibility and reduce lighting needs
  • Integral part of Belden Data Center Solutions, giving you access to a broad Data Center product portfolio, designed and tested for compatibility

Product Accessories

  • Vertical Cable Management Options
  • Horizontal Cable Management Options
  • Zero U Connectivity Mounting Options
  • Zero U Power Mounting Options
  • Chimney Containment Options

Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please contact Belden.