Data Center - Cabinets & Racks - XN Series Network and Switch Enclosures

Designed to handle dense patching fields while ensuring proper air flow

Containment Ready

Fully compatible with passive or active (AEHC) chimney containment, up to 30kW of hosting capacity

Power Ready

XN enclosures are ready to host high-end Power distribution units from Belden's line up of smart PDUs

Switch Ready

Switch-specific configuration includes air director for side-to-side venting switches

Product Features

  • Modular enclosure designed for networking (cross connect) and switch hosting into Data Centers
  • 30" wide enclosure, 42" or 48" deep with 42, 45 and 48 RU height options
  • Unique open frame construction allows structural uprights to be positioned inside the frame, resulting in a corner post-free structure, enabling unobstructed access to front and rear vertical managers
  • 6" enclosure extension can be mounted on each side of the 30" frame, resulting in a 42" frame for hosting of side-to-side venting switches
  • Optional dual swing/handle door for optimized access to right and left cable manager
  • Doors feature 78% opened hexagonal mesh for low air resistance and optimal cooling of the hosted gears
  • Integrated front and rear finger-style vertical managers
  • Modular front-to-rear cable management options
  • Vertical (Zero U) patch panel options, for integration of Belden pre-terminated copper and fiber connectivity products
  • Front rail air seal and baffle for high level of separation between cold-supply air and hot-return air, ideal for high-density hosting
  • Available in black and central office white
  • Frame Construction: Welded 14 and 12 gauge
  • Static Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Capacity on Casters: 2,250 lbs with high-capacity casters
  • Engineered and made in the USA


30" Wide Enclosures


Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please contact Belden.