Data Center - Cabinets & Racks - Wall Mount Enclosures - XWM Series

Wall mount enclosures provide IT/Networking hosting in spaces that often serve another primary function, and where space optimization is critical.

They are designed for applications that require secure hosted devices and are ideal for locations where floor mounting space is limited, as is common in retail establishments, schools and offices.

Available in mounting unit increments of 9RU, 12RU and 20RU, Belden Wall Mount Enclosures offer great aesthetics, rugged construction, optimized equipment access and flexible cable management and access features.

Product Features

  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Durable black powder-coat finish
  • Front door options: vented, smoked Plexiglass or solid front
  • Door swing direction is field reversible
  • Lockable front door, sides and rear section
  • Open rear section for cable access through mounting wall
  • Top and bottom holes in rear section for conduit connection and cable access
  • Comes with mounting template for quick and easy wall mounting
  • Removable sides for improved access (12RU and 20RU only)
  • Two pairs of 12-24 tapped 19" EIA depth-adjustable mounting rails (includes mounting hardware)
  • Swing-out mid-section for rear access to equipment
  • Vented front (Plexiglass door only), sides, top and bottom panels for proper heat dissipation
  • Top and bottom panel allow optional 4" fan mounting

Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please contact Belden.