Data Center - Power & Monitoring - Enclosure PDUs

Belden PDU Options and Features

  • All Belden PDUs are UL and cUL listed 60650
  • Select from a wide offering of PDUs designed to meet your specific power requirements; single phase, 3-phase (WYE and Delta configurations)
  • Over 500 standard PDUs available to ship within 10 days of ordering, or custom PDUs available to ship within 20 days of ordering
  • C-13 and C-19 receptacles with optional locking feature for mission critical applications
    • Unplugging cords requires simple “push” of release button
    • Locking mechanism binds to the ground pin on the plug and is compatible with standard IEC cord, thus eliminating the need for expensive proprietary cords

PDU Selection: Basic, with Local Monitoring and Intelligent

  • PDU mounted display option for local current or power monitoring, making phase balancing easier (the PDU itself is not phase balancing)

Intelligent PDU Options and Features

  • Remote aggregate, circuit or receptacle power monitoring for granular PUE measurement
  • Switched (on/off) options allow remote outlet management and equipment reboot with sequential delay features; avoid power interruption due to inrush current, equipment start up in desired sequence
  • Highly secure access with admin, control and view-only accounts
  • Intuitive Ethernet-based firmware with email alarm or SNMP trap features prevents downtime with early notification of power threshold breaches
  • SNMP (MIB) enabled for compatibility with all leading DCiM packages
  • Integrated environmental monitoring capabilities; monitor temperature, air flow, humidity and dew point via optional connected sensors
  • Internal memory for up to two week of trending of critical parameters for clear understanding of power allocation and usage

24" Wide Enclosures


(1) Local current/amp meter, monitoring at circuit level for multi-circuit PDU. 

(2) Local power meter provides Amps, Volts, Watts, Volt-Amps, kWh and Power Factor. 

(3) Remote functions (IP-based) accessible via web browser. 

(4) Remote IP-based environmental monitoring, (2) port per PDU. Requires external sensor.

(5) Remote IP-based receptacle level monitoring, Amps, Volts, Watts, kWh. 

(6) Remote IP-based receptacle level switching (on/off) with configurable time delay.

Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please visit, or contact Belden.