Fiber - FiberExpress Patch Panel Systems - FX UHD Housings and Shelves

FiberExpress Patch Panel Systems
Elegantly simple yet uncompromisingly flexible. Ultra high-density rack-mount fiber connectivity system, crafted for effortless installation and maintenance.
-Faster field-termination with high-accessibility sliding and tilting drawers
-Faster pre-term installation with simple fixed shelves and cassettes
-Easier installation with tool-less removable drawers and lightweight housings
-Easier port identification with clear visible labeling
-Easier to configure with flexible port count LC, SC, ST and MPO modules
-Better fiber protection with covered patch cord tray
-Better high density offering with 18-port modules for up to 72 LC Duplex ports per 1U
-Better visibility with light colored Titanium finish,also available in black.

FX UHD Housings
Feature-rich housings are fully enclosed to provide protection for exposed 250μm and 900μm fibers coupled with sliding and tilting drawers to speed up and simplify installation and maintenance.

FX UHD Shelves
Entry-level cost effective solutions for pre-terminated systems

Remark: Belden now use smart naming scheme for most of the connectivity products, including copper & fiber patch cords, modules etc., please refer to Belden Smart Naming Scheme, or contact Belden.