Fiber - FiberExpress Patch Panel Systems - FX UHD and FX Ultra Frames

FiberExpress Patch Panel Systems
Together with FX Panels and FX Cassettes, FX Frames are indespensible part of the whole FiberExpress Patch Panel Systems. It can be used for standard connection for LC connectors for example, MPO-MPO in 40G/100G applications or even copper and multimedia connections with the help of FX UHD and FX Ultra Adapters and Accessories. The capability of mixing fiber/copper/multimedia is a unique selling point for Belden.

Smart Naming Scheme for FX UHD and FX Ultra Frames

Remark: Belden now use smart naming scheme for most of the connectivity products, including copper & fiber patch cords, modules etc., please refer to Belden Smart Naming Scheme, or contact Belden.