Fiber - FiberExpress Pre-Terminated Assembly - FiberExpress Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies

Superior consistent craftsmanship culminating in near instantaneous installation. Highly configurable multi-fiber pre-terminated cable assemblies are engineering for maximum performance and crafted ensuring superior quality.

  • Faster identification of fiber type with Erika Violet for OM4 cable, connectors and adapters
  • Faster installation with pre-terminated solutions
  • Easier installation with 3-flange real and default pulling eye
  • Easier ordering with simple intelligent SmartPart Numbers
  • Better quality through exhaustive design validation against TIA standards
  • Better flexibility through absolute customizability

Smart Naming Scheme for Multi-fiber Assemblies - Product Engineering Code (PEC) 

Use the following options to determine the Product Engineering code (PEC) and order custom combination of cable type, connectors and length required.


1 NXC identifies the product family for all fiber cable assemblies

2 Select Cable Type


3 and 4 Inside End and Outside End (Connectors)


5 Fan-Out/Pulling Eye


6 Length

LLLL is the length from tip to tip in meters: 0001, 0005, 0015, 0100, etc.



Remark: Belden now use smart naming scheme for most of the connectivity products, including copper & fiber patch cords, modules etc., please refer to Belden Smart Naming Scheme, or contact Belden.