Fiber - FiberExpress Pre-Terminated Assembly - FiberExpress LC-HD Patch Cord

Belden's new LC-HD Patch Cord provides a high density solution with added benefit of installation flexibility. The new LC-HD Fiber Patch Cord comes with a unique pulling mechanism to help users remove fiber patch cords from high density installations without disturbing adjacent patch cords, maximizing its effectiveness in high density application.
    50% Increase in density
    Easy to release patch cords:
The Belden LC-HD’s design utilizes a flexible “pull-tab “allowing for the connector to be disengaged easily from densely loaded panels without the need for special tools.

Smart Nameing Scheme for LC HD Patch Cord

Remark: Belden now use smart naming scheme for most of the connectivity products, including copper & fiber patch cords, modules etc., please refer to Belden Smart Naming Scheme, or contact Belden.