Copper- CAT5E System - CAT5E Unshielded Patch Panel

The CAT5E HD Patch Panels are robust and installer-friendly products by design, combining punch down connectors with standard modular jacks. The 12-port connector modules are available in both BIX and 110 Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) options. CAT5E HD Patch Panels offer Category 5e performance and are designed to be used with the Belden IBDN 1200 System.
The KeyConnect Patch Panels are a comprehensive line of robust all-metal, preloaded and modular patch panels.
The series provides a flexible, versatile and high-density termination solution for Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations.
The modular KeyConnect Patch Panels are available in 24-port/1U, 48-port/2U, 72-port/2U and 48-port/1U configurations. Belden’s unique KeyConnect AngleFlex Patch Panels are also available in 24-port/1U and 48-port/2U and offer better port-density and patch cord manageability. These panels can be configured using any KeyConnect UTP or Multimedia Modules.


MDVO - Flex Patch Panel

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