Copper- CAT6+ system - MediaTwist UTP Cable

MediaTwist, part of the IBDN 2400 System, is engineered to exceed the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2 Category 6 requirements. The exceptional physical uniformity of MediaTwist translates into premier electrical performance benefits for users. Available in plenum and non-plenum versions, MediaTwist has taken Bonded-Pair technology a step further.

Its unique crescent-shape design ensures that pair-to-pair movement is minimized during installation. The innovative design of MediaTwist provides stable crosstalk and impedance performance both before and after installation. This results in improved signal integrity and reduced signal radiation, making MediaTwist an excellent choice for your Category 6 cable.

MediaTwist CAT6 UTP cable, 23AWG

Specification P/N
CMR 1872A
CMP 1874A

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