Copper- CAT6+ system - DataTwist 3600 UTP cable

Nonbonded-Pair and Bonded-Pair

DataTwist 3600 UTP Cables provide increased bandwidth and signal-to-noise margins. Their smaller diameter and high performance make possible the unique Category 6 networking solution: Belden IBDN 3600 System.

DataTwist 3600 UTP Cables have descending-distance marking for cable length that reduces waste. Matching tip and ring color code for ease of installation. Available in Spool-in-Box packaging for ease of installation, handling, and inventory management.


Key Features:

Central spline design separates pairs and maintains stable pair position, thus improving crosstalk and impedance/RL performance
Increased bandwidth and signal-to-noise margins
Optimized balance of transmission performance for simultaneous parallel transmission protocols
Size minimized for compactness of installations
Larger 23 AWG conductors are ideal for PoE and PoE+ applications

DataTwist 3600, 23 AWG U/UTP cable

Specification P/N
CMP, Unbonded Pair 3613
CMP, Bonded Pair 3633
CMR, Unbonded Pair 3612
CMR, Bonded Pair 3632
LSZH, Unbonded Pair 3624
LSZH, Bonded Pair 3644

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