Copper- CAT6+ system - CAT6+ Patch Panels

Preloaded and Modular
The KeyConnect Patch Panel Series is a comprehensive line of robust all-metal, preloaded and modular patch panels. The series provides a flexible, versatile and high-density termination solution for Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations. The preloaded KeyConnect Patch Panels are available in 24-port/1U and 48-port/2U configurations with CAT6+ KeyConnect Modular Jacks. The -SCM option has shorter cable management brackets. The modular KeyConnect Patch Panels are available in 24-port/1U, 48-port/1U, 48-port/2U, 72-port/2U, and 96-port/3U configurations.
The KeyConnect Patch Panel series also includes the unique AngleFlex Patch Panel available in 24-port/1U and 48-port/2U configurations. Patent removable angled inserts provide intuitive left, right or bi-directional patch cord routing and more efficient switch connection. Angled inserts eliminate the need for horizontal cable management, for a 27% space savings per rack.
The KeyConnect and AngleFlex panels can be configurated using CAT6+ KeyConnect Modular Jacks or Multimedia Modules. The KeyConnect Angled Patch Panels (v-shape) are available in pre-loaded and empty configurations.
The Flex Patch Panel series is available in and is designed to be populated using Preloaded and Modular


New! - CAT6+ HD Patch Panels


CAT6+ KeyConnect Pre-loaded Patch Panels

CAT6+ KeyConnect Patch Panels

Modular Patch Panels MDVO-Style

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