Copper- Workstation Outlets - 86 KeyConnect Faceplate

Belden's new faceplate (86x86) range to complete IBDN® workstations quickly and efficiently, with the added benefit of installation flexibility, and uniform aesthetics.

Plenty of Choice for Maximum Flexibility
The Belden faceplate range offers a choice of five faceplates, and two styles. The Faceplates are capable of accepting Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a type of modular jack, in Keystone style.
These new faceplates can be either wall mounted on an appropriate wall back box or under floor mounted in floor faceplates and are available in Electric White color.

Durability and Reliability
All Belden faceplates are designed to provide maximum durability, protection and reliable performance. They feature a sturdy design for impact resistance, made from the best quality ABS. They include a shutter to protect modules from dust and debris and provide optimum performance, density and durability, while inserts and adapters are easily released for further configurations. Label windows are situated at the top part of the faceplates, so that the cords do not block the labels. This facilitates easy identification, avoiding labels at the bottom where they could not easily be seen after installation.


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