Copper- Workstation Outlets - Rapid Termination Tool

Belden’s Rapid Termination Tool reduces termination time by up to 50%, including cable preparation. All conductors are terminated and cut at once; virtually eliminating the need for troubleshooting and re-work, saving hours of re-termination and re-testing. It provides a safer working method with no need for an impact tool with a sharp blade, or a Termination Station to hold jacks.
Key Specifications
- Terminates KeyConnect CAT6+ and CAT5E Jacks
- Die cast aluminum frame is lightweight and provides durability
- Patent Pending lever action reduces fatigue during termination process
- Polymer handle covers improve comfort
- Bottom cable entry allows ergonomic working position with minimum cable slack
- Handle Locking mechanism facilitates carrying and storage
- Easy to replace Headset (blade block and press head)
- Blade block uses stainless steel push blades and high grade tool steel knives for extra durability

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