Copper- Workstation Outlets - Other Tools

The IBDN 110 Connecting Tool is a no-impact connecting tool used to terminate cables, pigtails or cross-connect wires on any KeyConnect module or 110 product. The IBDN 110 Tool is a spring-activated hand tool. A single forward movement will seat the wire into the IDC clip and cut off the excess wire. The tool will terminate 22, 24 and 26-AWG plastic insulated solid copper conductors.
The Bonded-Pair Cable Preparation Tool makes it faster and easier to prepare cables for connector termination. This tool is ideal for use with Belden Bonded-Pair cables, providing special features that help separate twisted pairs. It can also be used to prepare any unbonded-pair cable for installation.
The Termination Station is an ergonomically designed holder that provides stability to the KeyConnect Module during the termination process. The station has pockets with locking features that steadily holds either MDVO-style or KeyConnect-Style Modules or MediaFlex Inserts during pair placement and wire termination. Cable retainers on each end of the station will secure and hold cables during the pair placements process. The flat bottom surface will provide the required stability to safely terminate the modules. The tool is made of very durable plastic and its low profile makes it an easy tool to use and carry.
The Outlet Release Tool is a very convenient tool for servicing the MediaFlex and Interface outlets. Its bent tip allows for easy front removal of MediaFlex inserts, especially when used in Angled Entry plates. It is also very useful to extract KeyConnect Modules from miscellaneous mounting hardware.
The Patch Cord Tool allows to connect and disconnect RJ45 patch cords installed in very high-density environments (48-port, 1U patch panels and high-density networking equipment).

Remark: only the commonly used products are listed here, for more product information, please contact Belden