Copper- CAT 6A system - 10GX Unshielded Modular Jack

The 10GX Module is a revolutionary punch down UTP connector designed to be used within the IBDN 10GX System. In order to achieve true 10G performance, Belden has designed the 10GX Module based on three revolutionary module technologies making the 10GX Module the most advanced 10G module available.
The unmatched Beyond 10G performance exceeds all parameters specified in the Category 6A standard. All performance characteristics including ANEXT, NEXT, FEXT, Insertion Loss and Return Loss have been set to guarantee transmission performance up to 625 MHz.
The KeyConnect version has a keystone footprint, and is designed to be used with KeyConnect and AngleFlex Patch Panels and with KeyConnect and MediaFlex Workstation Outlets. The MDVO-Style is designed to be used with Flex Patch Panels as well as Interface and MediaFlex Workstation Outlets.
The modular jacks can also be mixed and matched with a wide variety of adapters and boxes to suit practically any installation configuration for workstation outlet, consolidation point and telecommunications closet applications.



10GX Unshielded Modular Jack, T568A/B, Category 6A

  MDVO-style KeyConnect
Gray AX102269 AX102280
Almond AX102270 AX102281
White AX102271 AX102282
Black AX102272 AX102283
Orange TIA 606 Color AX102273 AX102284
Red TIA 606 Color AX102274 AX102285
Yellow TIA 606 Color AX102275 AX102286
Green TIA 606 Color AX102276 AX102287
Blue TIA 606 Color AX102277 AX102288
Purple TIA 606 Color AX102278 AX102289
Ivory   AX103073
Orange   AX104152
Red   AX104153
Yellow   AX104154
Green   AX104155
Blue   AX104156
Purple   AX104157

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