Copper- CAT 6A system - 10GX Category 6A F/UTP cable

Bonded Pair and non-Bonded Pair
This Category 6A shielded cable delivers performance that goes beyond the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Category 6A standard. When used as the horizontal cable within the Belden Category 6A Shielded System, it provides proven channel bandwidth and a data rate of 10 Gigabits per second. With a thick, 100% coverage foil s hield, your 10 Gb/s of data is protected from harsh EMI environments.
Adding a shield to a high performance Category 6A cable is not as easy as one would think. Any metallic shield changes the electrical performance of the cable, and if the shield is not smooth, that performance becomes unpredictable.

Key Applications:

10GBASE-T, and any other Ethernet application in high noise environments (EMI)
10GBASE-T Full Power Implementation (IEEE 802.3an)
10GBASE-T Low Power Implementation (Short Reach Mode) (IEEE 802.3an)
1000BASE-T Applications (IEEE 802.3ab)
Power Over Ethernet Plus - 2 pairs, up to 30 Watts or 4-pairs, up to 60 Watts (IEEE 802.3at)
Power Over Ethernet - 2 pairs, up to 12.95 Watts (IEEE 802.3af)
Broadband Video (CATV) and High Speed Internet (DOCSIS) over UTP up to 860 MHz
High Temperature performance up to 50°C without length de-rating for 1000BASE-T and 100BASE-TX

10GX Category 6A, 4-pair, 23 AWG F/UTP cable -  7mm OD, 625Mhz

Specifications P/N
CMP, non-Bonded Pair 10GX53F
CMP, Bonded Pair 10GX63F
CMR, non-Bonded Pair 10GX52F
CMR, Bonded Pair 10GX62F
LSZH, non-Bonded Pair 10GX54F
LSZH, Bonded Pair 10GX64F

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