Anti-Counterfeit Lable

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Still worry about fake Belden cable? You don’t have to from now on! Starting from March 2016, Belden is launching anti-fake verification project in APAC region, here is how it works:
There will be a QR code and an anti-fake code attached to the cable box for all Belden cable as follows, and you can verify the cable by either entering anti-fake code in the verification page on the new Belden Enterprise APAC website, or by just scanning the QR code on your smart phone(we recommend you scan under 3G/4G or Wifi environment). Easy and quick!
There are many free QR code scanning tools available in Apple Store:
QR Code Reader
QR Code Reader and Scanner
or in Google Play:
QR Code Reader
QR Code Scanner
Benefits of anti-fake verification:

For End Users
You can know the authentication instantly, no more worry about fake Belden cable
Ensure the transmission quality, protect your network from malfunction

For Shop Owners
Protect your reputation
Avoid potential compensation caused by fake cable
Ensure your revenue and margin


For Resellers/Dealers
Belden offers better protection of your interests by avoiding fake
Protect your reputation
Avoid potential compensation caused by fake cable

Belden started the anti-fake verification officially since March 2016, which means all new shipments from Belden since this March will contain this anti-fake QR code; but for the existing inventory in the channel and retail shop, they don’t have it, we expect about 6 months transition period, during which you will probably see two different packages. If you think you encounter a fake Belden cable or have any question regarding the anti-fake feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: