Transmission Distance Maximization: Belden 4794R

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Along with the quick transition to 4K technology worldwide, professional broadcast field is conducting hardware upgrading. In this industry trend, what Belden just released will predictability drive the main flow: 4794R-4K Coaxial Solutions. It uses custom-drawn silver-plated copper Conductor with new custom mixed formula for gasinjected, which results in 8 dB improvement on cable attenuation, and the transmission distance reaches 306 ft. Meanwhile, it got guaranteed -15 dB RL limit from 4.5 to 12 GHz for 8-11 dB headroom against the SMPTE limit high-density polyethylene.

4794R is triply shielded using Belden patented Bonded Foil technology, reaches the highest shield effectiveness we have ever made. Even so, this cable keeps small thickness as the jacket diameter is only 8.13mm which shows how Belden 4794R maximizes 4K signal transmission distance on a single coax, minimizing weight and space.

The key features of this new cable:
• SMPTE 2081-1 12G-SDI 4K D-Cinema, UTDTV1, UHDTV2
• SMPTE 2082-1 6G-SDI 4K D-Cinema, UHDTV1, UHDTV2
• Proven interoperability with leading chipset manufacturers
• 28-52% lighter than duallink RG-6 solutions.
• 64-81% lighter than quadlink RG-6 solutions.
• Inner foil bonded to the core for easier installation with one-piece compression connectors.
• Outer foil bonded to jacket for easier stripping and increased shield effectiveness.
• CMR rated

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