Belden REVConnect Debut at BICSI 2016 Bangalore

Promulgator:Belden Time:2016-10-10 18:47:12 Source:Belden

The premier association supporting advancements in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), BICSI, has just concluded its Bangalore Technical Conference on Sept. 23. The conference attracted over 350 attendees from related industries. Belden partnered with this event as the exclusive gold sponsor.

It kicked off with BICSI Workshop and Networking Dinner on 22nd September. Technology and Applications Manager of Belden Networking Enterprise Ronald Tellas gave a speech of PoE named “Power is the New Signal”, which was well received by the System Integration partner community.

Belden also conducted the debut of REVConnect. REVConnect is a newly launched and revolutionary solutions of terminations, which supports all RJ45 - Category 5E through 6A - shielded and unshielded connections in one single method. It terminates jacks and plugs the same way and interchange in seconds, saving up to 60% time versus traditional connectivity.