2017 Belden APAC Partner Summit Successfully Held

Promulgator:belden Time:2017-02-17 08:51:21 Source:Belden APAC

2017 Annual Meeting for Belden Greater China Distributor was successfully held in the beautiful coastal city Pattaya, Thailand on February 15, 2016. 10 distributors in Belden Greater China were invited to the meeting with more than 50 participants. Joshi Rutesh, president for Enterprise Network of Belden Asia Pacific Region, came all the way to the meeting.
Mr. Rutesh delivered an opening speech for the annual meeting, detailing the history and current situation of Belden. In particular, he analyzed the performance of the integrated wiring and broadcast audio and video in Asia Pacific region in 2016, and summarized the changes and reasons of the Greater China team and its strategy in the last year.


Arthur Liu, sales director for Broadcasting and Enterprise Network of Belden Greater China, reviewed the projects and sales in 2016 and officially announced the organization structure of Sales Team in the 2017 Belden Greater China Business Network.


Jason Li, marketing director of Belden Asia Pacific region, introduced the market initiatives in the last year, announced market plan for 2017 and also introduced the new Belden Asia Pacific product team led by Jason Li and the new product manager Xu Peng.
Xu Peng, product manager of Belden Asia Pacific region, added that Belden will update and adjust the product and made a detailed interpretation of the technology advantage and competitiveness of Belden.

Wu Ye, sales manager for broadcast and audio and video of Belden China, analyzed the professional radio, audio and video solutions from the perspective of sales, and revealed new movement in audio and video products in 2017.
Jason Wang, sales manager of Belden China, put forward the cooperation concept that "sincere cooperation contributes to win-win outcomes". He also illustrated the detail of channel standardized management.

The Award Ceremony for the Belden 2017 Channel Cooperation Partner was also held in the beautiful open-air waterfront restaurant in the evening. Amidst the wonderful music played by live singers, awards went to the following distributors.


Guangzhou Luoqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.                     Best Regional Development Award
Shanghai Xinye Communication Network Co., Ltd.                    Best Regional Sales Award
Shenzhen Yitian Technology Co., Ltd.                                           Best Audio and Video Sales Award
Shanghai Wankun Industrial Development Co., Ltd.                  Best Partner Award
Alice Communications Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.            Excellent Partner Award
Shenzhen Huazhiguan Import & Export Co., Ltd.                        Excellent Partner award
Suzhou Baiyi Cable Co., Ltd.                                                           Excellent Regional Partner Award
Huatai Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd.                                   Excellent Regional Partner Award