2017 InfoComm: Belden REVConnect in Spotlight

Promulgator:belden Time:2017-04-21 15:40:33 Source:Belden APAC

    The 12th InfoComm China warped up on April. 14th, last Friday. More than 30,000 attendees participated, which is the biggest number of InfoComm China attendees since founded. This three days exhibition and summit exceeded expectations and made it the most authoritative and influential event in professional audio and visual, interactional communication technology industry in APAC area.

    As the leading brand in Broadcast and Audio Video solutions provider, Belden corporated with distribution partner Shenzhen Yitian, showed Belden’s newest BAV products, including the newly released Belden audio panel and video panel, and BNC plug connectors and tools.

    During the InfoComm, 49 seminars and meeting were held focusing on Education, Entertainment, Intelligence Buidling and Information Technology, which aroused discussion in depth.

    April 12th afternoon, Belden also held a Belden BAV Product Seminar. Jason Li, Belden Marketing and Product Line Director, gave an open speech about the history of Belden. After the introduction, Jason presented Belden REVConnect solutions. REV stands for Reliable, Easy and Versatile, and was released at the end of 2016 by Belden. It is a revolutionary RJ45 termination solutions which supports all RJ45 CAT 5E through 6A shielded and unshielded connections using one termination style and one universal tool, and terminate jacks and plugs in the same way and interchange in seconds.

    ““This is much easier for us, only take three minutes to train by watching a video, would save plenty of time during construction, definitely revolutionary” said by a attendees, Mr. Chen, after he tried REV by himself.

     Don't be Out: Know more about REVConnect!