Connecting RJ45 Plugs Directly Onto Distribution Cables is Now Recognized by TIA

Promulgator:管理员 Time:2017-09-14 17:53:38 Source:未知

February 8, 2017, the TIA TR-42.7 subcommittee has accepted to include modular plug terminated links (aka direct connect) in a normative annex to TIA-568.2-D.

What this means is that RJ45 modular plugs can terminated directly onto distribution cables. This will allow plugging a variety of devices such as wireless access points, security cameras, and HDBaseT monitors without having to use an outlet and a patch cord.

*** Benefits of Direct Connect ***

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 currently requires horizontal cable to be terminated on a telecommunications outlet to provide flexible user access. But TIA also realizes that, in certain cases, there is a need to terminate horizontal cables to a plug that is directly plugged into a device. 

Direct-connect assembly uses a single cable to connect a device at one end; the other cable end is terminated with a jack in a patch panel in the telecommunications room. 

This allows for efficient power delivery with the lowest channel insertion loss and gives installers the flexibility to eliminate the need for a jack and cord to connect devices. 

*** REVConnect ***

This plays very well with the recent introduction of REVConnect system which includes a high performance field terminated plug as easy to terminate as a REVConnect jack.

*** Belden success ***

This is undeniably great news for Belden and REVConnect! Kudos to Ron Tellas for successfully pushing this to the TIA TR-42.7 committee in a record time!