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10 Steps to Holistic Data Center Design

Learn what it takes to push past inefficient data centers

Author: Michael Salvador

Format: 6 page PDF

What Is This White Paper About?

Designing a data center can be a daunting and complicated process. There are many considerations and decisions that impact the cost to build, operate and scale the data center.

A central aspect of successful holistic design involves carefully considering all the variables with an eye on operational expenditure over the life of the data center, not just on the capital expenditure to build the data center in the first place. Holistic design must also account for business growth and evolving technology, incorporating systems and innovative technologies that ensure an agile, scalable and robust data center that supports both current and future needs.

Successful holistic data center design requires following key steps that take into account all business requirements, technology innovations, and energy and operational savings, while identifying and eliminating any ineffective decisions and operational waste.

Chapters in the White Paper:

1 Including All Players
2 Setting Ground Rules
3 Determining Availability & Redundancy
4 Gathering Requirements
5 Balancing CAPEX & OPEX
6 Selecting the Right Equipment
7 Designing Equipment Areas
8 Designing the Overall Space
9 Constructing & Commissioning
10 Ongoing Post-Construction Review

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About The Author:

Michael Salvador

As technical solutions manager for Belden, Mike is an expert resource on optimizing data center efficiency and performance while ensuring availability, scalability and reduced risk.
Mike is a 27-year veteran with real hands-on experience in designing, deploying and maintaining data centers to support the latest trends in virtualization and cloud computing.



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