Intelligent Buildings

Smart Building Market
Smart Building is becoming well accepted concept and standard configuration in today’s ELV market. It generally includes the following subsystems:
1.       Building automation control system – the BA control system use centralized control console to manage all electronic equipment, and collect, analyze and process all information.
2.       Security system – security system can establish comprehensive protection from all angles to ensure the safety of people and assets inside the building. It can also judge and act to the potential threat, and alert security staff about the threat.
3.       The PA system
4.       Satellite TV & CATV system
5.       Conferencing system – modern intelligent buildings normally have multiple conference rooms, like meeting rooms, conference halls or multi-functional rooms that can serve the conference purpose
6.       Professional Broadcast system (Only for venues like stadiums)
As a world’s leading cabling solution manufacture with over 150 years history, Belden can not only offer complete NewGen® cable portfolio to meet your needs, but also the hard spec on Smart Building ELV control systems. Over the years, our products have been used in many landmark buildings and facilities like Disneyland, Universal Studio, Shanghai Center, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Four Season Hotel etc.

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